Tuesday, 13 July 2010

People I love the most.

My Wife and daughter. They are priceless and I can do away my life for them. I do fight with my wife but it takes only ten minutes to make up( counted it with a stop watch), though she takes a day of sulking. When she sulks she will pretend as if I don’t exist in the world and she would pass me as if I was as transparent as thin air. And when she does something stupid and knows it, she would come to me and rub her chin on my chest and pretend as if she is tinier than our one-and-half year old. When I whine about my family, she would listen to me as if watching the latest blockbuster on HBO, but when I say something about her family, she would charge at me like those lions on Animal planet.When I cook something and it turns out well, she would turn her face as if she had been forced to eat it at gun point. And when she cooks and I don’t praise her, she would nag how I never have a taste for good food.

Surprisingly, being notoriously short tempered I have never lost temper on my daughter.  The other day she cut her chin and I could literally feel the pain in my body.  I never get enough of seeing her play, holding her after her bath while my wife dries her, caressing her hair while she is sleeping, placing small pieces of roti in her mouth while having my dinner after a hard days work-she seated on my lap, changing her nappies in the morning after she awakes and making her sleep with my horrendously unmusical nursery rhymes…..She has started to show her fondness by kissing in return and I wait all day, to return home for that good night kiss from her. Like the Mastercard ad.-There are some things money can buy…blah,blah,blah……but that kiss from my daughter, PRICELESS (she will kiss only if she means it) 

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