Monday, 14 February 2011

My first post from a phone-Blackberry rocks!

Until about a month back I never thought I would be so nuts over a phone.Blackberry has made a big fan out of me. For someone who has used a Nokia all his life, BB is a is the closest you can get to a PC  which can be pocket carried. you can literally chat with anyone for any amount of time.You get upto date twitter, facebook updates, are always online on Gtalk, yahoo messenger. You get push emails too.This is my first post from a BB. It has made life much more exciting. But make sure you dont reveal it to your boss, Else, you will endup working 24/7. Not exactly the best way to live life?

Guess all of you should get a BB if you dont have it already. And send me your PIN  on my email ID, so that we can chat...i seriously need more chat buddies. I miss my chatting days which feels eons ago....My wife is too busy with her kitty friends...seriously, have a wife is no guarantee to a better life.

Sorry for all the typos.....typing on a phone can be pain in arse!