Monday, 18 May 2009

Let there be light!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All said and done the elections are over and we have persuasive results. Congress has managed to win, not exactly proving the exit polls and news channels right. I was never into politics except on occasions like elections, but this time around I was wedged to TV like the way I am wedged to the photograph of my wife and daughter ever since I have returned from my vacation. Humm, here I go again, I just can’t stop talking about my family, no matter how hard I try.

But the uncertainties continue.I was never a fan of the congress and to be frank, for a while even supported the BJP. Having gone through the torments and anguish in the form of Ram Mandir, Kandhamal, Mangalore pub attach,Godhra..etc . I have no options but to support congress. The incidents of minority assaults in Godhra and kandhamal have left a lasting impact on my conscience.

NO words are strong enough to express what I felt at that moment.However, as time passed and people moved on, this piece of news which had shocked me, became a piece of information, a statistical data. Does anyone care? Momentarily, perhaps.

It seems we have been exposed to so much brutality, blood and murder that these sights fail to move us further than a certain point. We are a generation of desensitized, self-centered individuals. Infact, as Amartya Sen points out in his book Violence and Identity, in India, most people consider violence the means with which to etch out the parameters of their being. After all, the nation that we are talking of , was born in a post-modern world, of a very difficult labour. India had to claim for itself an existence that it had been denied. It had to battle for it's right to persist, thrash in violent attempts to breathe, hurt itself in the process and yet remarkably ascertain an identity for itself through bloodshed.

Our civilisation is like one of those timeless fortresses, which uphold their scars and battered structures as the essence of their being. The lives that reside within such monuments-plants, birds, rodents and reptiles, turn indifferent to the surroundings as long as they are able to sustain themselves. People who live in this country are no different.

The heights of insensitivity was probably manifested in a group of people, who either in order to settle personal scores with high officials, or simply to gather some sort of demented, sick amusement, made false proclamations of more assaults. I fail to understand these people. Do they even understand what it is to have lives wiped off in a blink? For God sake, these are real lives that we are talking about, not some virtual strategy game!

As I read about these incidents happening around us, in our nation, there are myriad questions battling in my mind. Why are they doing this? What do they want? Can't there be any other way of settling this? WHY? My mind was screaming for some sort of logic, some rationale so as to be able to make something of the world around me, to be able to salvage the sanctity of human sanity.

It would perhaps be an exaggeration to say that most of us our susceptible to some sort of explosive disorder, but I don't consider myself off the mark when I say that we are an insecure lot of people, who traverse the brink of insanity by living in this world each day.

In the words of the Joker, from The Dark Knight, " Madness is like gravity, all it needs is a slight push."

Terrorism is undoubtedly born of socio-political factors, but it contains a certain madness which I suspect lurks even in the best of us. After a point, the motives, whatever they maybe, recede to make way for an illogical thirst for blood. The only way to not give into it is to keep a tight reign over one's sense of logic. But what use is logic, when everything around you is disintegrating into inexplicable, but perceptibly real debris?

Breaking news:Prabhakaran shot dead. This was a shocker, since I couldn’t believe such a ostentatious leader( not in real sence) could die in such an undemanding manner.It felt like how Saddam Hussain was announced to have been captured.A disturbing sense of dj vu. He reminds me of a real DON, and probably the dialogue- Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hein- implies to him.I feel an era has ended.I hope it bring peace and stability to the much deserving Janatha of SriLanka, and not create an abyss for descendants to take its place, Ditto Iraq.


AnjuGandhi said...

i ditto all your views. on one hand we say we are a secular state, wifh freedom to practice adn follow any religion and the BJP talks about Hinduvata or Ram mandir . Two totally contradcitory statements.
One terrorist gone doesn't mean it is the end. There will be tons of them already waiting to strike again. And all these enemies of peace they are so smart that they must have already trained quite a few of persons to take over from where the head will leave

Zillionbig said...

thanks Anju, i would come back, later today to read your blog. I just had a few lines from your last post, and it was highly interesting. and hey, thanks a zillion times for being my first friend, you shall be ever special. TCARE:)))

mon espace said...

Hey just blog hopped in here :D

I am exited too about a stable, (hopefully) youthful cabinet..and the death of prabhakaran, i did a lil jump n a victory jig. High time those ppl. lived in peace!

to a calmer, safer, stabler world!

cheers! :)

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

i am also happy of that fact that the youth have a say in the ministry now...thats probably the only one shiny bleak factor...
rest ...everything is a power game...
for a few days its gonna be for the people and devlopment ...etal...the usual crown-talk...
but fingers crossed that it does not turn into another game thats its...

i loved ur command on this subject...mind u...i suport congress...congress was and congress it is !!!

good post by the way :)

Zillionbig said...

Thanks mon espace and Neha. :)))