Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tagged and second time.....

I have been hit again with a virus and the writer in the making Zeba has tagged me. The tag theme is simpler this time around. So here I go.

Four places you have lived –

I was fortunate enough to have been born as son of an Army officer. I have lived almost all over India but to answer four it would be:
1. Lucknow: Wow, growing up years. Mischievous moments and one of the best in my life. The army barricade, the smell of boot polish and brasso, the memories of my mother (I was the closest to her, so her death affected me very badly) and some bitter memoirs which refuse to fade away. I really don’t know if I should cherish it or detest it, but as with memories of tough times, it continues to be remembered with affection.
2. Chennai: Did my college. First time out of home and complete freedom. I was a total rebel and my father and I were like Congress and BJP.Unsure moments and a complete chaos to have made to live all by myself. Was an absolute studious boy in the first year, out of fear that as much half of the batch fails to move to the next year(98% attendance). First time to booze and I remember how reluctantly I started. Had a sip and I almost puked, but it was so uncool to be a non drinker. Finished my first glass of Vodka and 7-up with difficulty but after that there was no stopping me, until my match referee (read: my wife) walked into life. initiated into my most horrible habit-Smoking and it took another 7 years before I finally quit(again for my wife).The hostel life, “Purani jeans and Guitar” culture, Late night movies and returning back at unheard of all unholy hours, complete forceful Insomnia, etc made me mutate from a harmless, studios, shy boy to a notoriously raucous young lad(Ahem).
3. Calicut: My home town. The land of my Grandparents and my second lady love. I love Calicut and everything to do with the name; be it food, the slang, the honest auto rickshaw drivers, the beach. I have lived for very short time in Calicut but my ultimate aim is to retire and spend my old age there.
4. Bahrain: The place I am currently residing. I love the roads, the people, the food and everything about this place, except for the weather, from May to September.Marinade a chicken and keep it on the terrace. It will roast by itself.

Four T.V shows you love(d) to watch –

I mainly watch news programs on NDTV, Chat shows on BBC WORLD and movies on the MNet. I will skip that question since it’s not meant for someone like me, who is working, blogging and a part time short story writer.Where the hell is the time?

Four places you have been on vacation –

I have been working for 8 years now in total, out of which 5 years has been outside of India. My life is such that I seriously don’t have the luxury of Vacations (as in true vacations where you go to some resort). Since 5 years I go to India (Kerala) for a vacation, that too after almost endless nagging. But I have been to few places on earth, work related, but had a blast nevertheless.
1. UK: I had been to London, Hampshire and Southampton. Absolutely gorgeous place. One must visit London, atleast in once lifetime. It’s a mélange of Old world charm and ultra modernity to a level of erudition.
2. Srilanka: I was in a transit flight and had an opportunity to see Colombo. Srilanka is much more stunning than what most people consider. It could easily give a run for its money to places like Thailand or Malaysia, provided Peace prevails.I hope it does.
3. Goa: there is no place under the sun like Goa and it has something for every class of people. The last I went was with friends before my marriage, so had a blast. We had more booze in 4 days, than we have ever had and I was this drinking, smoking DUDE, No care of the world.SIGH!!, Those good ol days. “Why darling, why?”(to my wife).
4. Pondicherry: We went on bikes from Chennai and absolute unforgettable moments. Again, booze(we went mainly for booze), Food and ogling on Foreign Tourists in Bikini.(Psssshh, its ok, my wife doesn’t read this)….

Four of your favorite foods –

I am a complete foodie and it shows. I am not sure about my present weight but last I checked was at 90 kgs. My philosophy of “you have just one life, why think twice” actually sucks big time, and I realize it now. But food being food, I will never master the right technique to say NO.
1. Kerala rice and fish curry(Sardines)/prawn curry made by my Mother. I have been eating it since I can remember, but it refuses to come down my list of fav food.

2. Pasta: I go bonkers for pasta and fav being ravioli or lasagna. I like cheesy stuff but Pizza is not my fav. It was until I had it for a month nonstop and it came out of my fav list.

3. Gujarathi/rajashtani veg food.: I am not a really non-veg person and I can survive completely on veg. I can drive 35 kms or walk 5 kms for a good Gujarati meal.

4. Dosa: I prefer it over any Mc.Donalds Junkie.Only thing matters is the chutney.

5. Indian Sweets: I can skip a meal for plate of crispy jalebi or carrot halwa. I love Bengalis for their sweets, otherwise they are as useless as malayalees( Hehe, To all Bengalis, just kidding) .

Four websites you visit daily –

1. Blogger
2. Gmail
3. Dashboard of my blog
4. for all the mallu news.To be ahead of my wife and not sound dumb.

Four places you would rather be –

1. India
2. Bahrain-I love this place
3. England: Its charming beyond words
4. New Zealand: I always wanted to go there. Probably for the isolation.Actually I don’t mind living like Tom hanks in castaway, for few days.

Four things you hope to do before you die-

1. Want to see my grandchild before I die( I have just had a child so it’s pretty farfetched)
2. Want to write a book(Novel) and get it published.
3. Visit Antarctica and live there and experience the extremes of living condition. (I have been watching too much of Discovery channel lately)
4. Travel around the world, especially places like Alaska, Siberia, Mongolia, Japan, Chile Argentina and See Machu Picchu(Inca heritage site)

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time –

1. Animal farm-George Orwell
2. To kill a mocking bird-Harper lee
3. Midnights children-Rushdie
4. catch 22-Joseph heller

Four Movies You Can See Over and Over-

1. Gone with the wind
3. Sholey
4. Manichitratazhu(Malayalam) and many mallu movies of Pathmarajan, Bharathan and Priyadarshan

Tag Four People You Believe Will Respond-

To people who weren’t tagged the previous time
1. le embrouille blogueur: someone i admire for his writing style
2. Numerounity- The beauty with the brain.
3. Nona: The eternal reviewer.
4. Swatantra: The dotting mother

Let the Virus spread the blogosphere, AMEN!!!!

BTW Please checkout this tale of love here, Its astonishing at the rate at which a realm is coming closer to another revolution. Its scares and pains me to read about Iran.

P.S: This Tag is supposed to be in "Fours" and i cannot tag more than four. I have tagged friends who weren't tagged last time.There are more tags coming. I am in the process of creating one by myself. Watch out Buddies!!!!!!


Swatantra said...

Hi.. Nice you have said very right about GOA... We recently went and had the fantastic trip..

Great Post!!

AnjuGandhi said...

even i am a foodie person
i say i live to eat and not vice versa
i just pray that u see ur great grand child also

Gymnast said...

I see that you have fond memories of Chennai. I guess someday even i'll think of chennai with longing.
Though my college life is a lot less interesting than yours - no "purani jeans" culture. Stupid old college and boring old life. Sigh.

"To kill the mocking bird" is absolutely the best guide to parenting..what do u say?

Jo said...

Very interesting! I work with a woman from Goa, and every Christmas she bakes a bebinka just for me. I have always wanted to visit Goa.

Good choice of books you are reading too.

You have lived a very interesting life so far. And, I'm glad you have quit smoking. :-)

R. Ramesh said...

yes very interesting...congrats buddy

Dhanya said...

Awww.. I wanted to do this tag...

But I think I can understand why you didn't tag me this time around... lolz...

sujata said...

I would add the to the books list, The thornbirds and The zahir. I love my rice and fish curry too. I dont want to see any grandkids..dont think will last long enough, just wish my kids are settled by the time I conk off. Great post, enjoyed it.

le embrouille blogueur said...

Ouch ...this is a tough tag has so many variables .... I will need some time but I shall get it done ... thanks for your appreciation .... and likewise to you as are a complete blogger ...!!

Zeba Talkhani said...

Thanks!!! N i did check out the Bahrain pics. I thot u went there for vaccation coz ur profile says UAE!! WOW. N loved reading this post!!

The Panorama said...

Loved this post and am a foodie too so your favourite foods had me drooling on cyberspace::-D Love jalebis and gajar ka halwa.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

I just love reading this tag, and yours was a very interesting and well-travelled take.

Psst...I will be tagging you soon. Do not worry, it'll be an easy tag.

The abstract scientist said...

Hey ZB, How are u doing? It was a lovely post. I am sorry I havent replied to your tag yet. I am going through writers block that has been aggravated by recession. It is the unemployment bug you see.
Did you have to take a transit visa for Colombo? Do you have any job websites for jobs in bahrain for UK graduates. Please tell me.
I have come out with a new post. I shall write your tag soon. Thanks.

Jaadi said...

Great Post again. I am sure Lucknow would have been a great place. It has been one of the oldest cities with the "pehle aap" culture. Would love to go there sometime. I agree with UK..its got the old world charm and one can never get bored of it. Europe is a beauty in itself. Just a few days back i met someone who had been to Macchu Picchu and was explaining their travel. Believe me, i too want to go there once. I have heard Colombo is a beauty..i wonder how do people indulge in fights which destroys their country's beauty.

Nona said...

:) & :(
Thanks for tagging me. I'm quoting my fellow "tagged", le embrouille blogueur. It is a tough tag! I will revert back in a week

Keshi said...

Interesting tag :)

u've been to SL? WOW!


Priya said...

whoaaa....that was great....but enjoyed the most..the vacation list and more for the purpose ;-P, food..i can kill myself for food...isn't that what we call oxymoron??!!!i am loving your description about your home town...thinking of planning vacation soon so that i can include that in my list of visited places if i am tagged ... :-P :D and DDLJ is seriously that i can watch over and over again...

i think tag makes it easy for us to maintain a 98% attendance on the blogosphere...that too, writing.. :D:D

Aparna said...

It is difficult to narrow down the food and the books to only four. But you did brilliantly.
I know I am yet to do the first tag and Anju has tagged me again. Will be getting down to it shortly.

anamika said...

I am sure your list of books,places and food will be much beyond four...I liked your college episode and really value your wife hard work.Women had to work hard for years to make you quit..Hats off to her..STRENGTH OF A WOMEN..

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Swatantra: Goa is one of my fav. The place has an energy and charm and the food is awesome. i love sea food.Thanks:))

@Anju: Thanks , I hope. I love to eat, and i love all kind of food, except for sushi, or anything raw or not well cooked.

@Gymnast: I agree with you. When i was at chennai, i hated the place, but now think about it, i just love it. The place is one mad city, big cutouts of film stars, etc, but i love the madness. And the food. I love tamil language and culture.Thanks:))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Jo: Thanks for dropping, Wow, Bibinka? I love Bibinka. Goa and the people are very warm. :))

@Ramesh: thanks Buddy

@Dhanya:Thanks, I am waiting for your tag blog post. When is it coming?:)))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Sujata: Thanks. I havent read those books. Zahir by paulo caulho? i have read Alchemist and few other, but i think he sounds monotonous. After 2 books you get bored of the self help.Wait till your kids grwo. You will wanna have many grand children. Mark my words.:)))

@LEB: Is it so. i thought its the easiest tag. I think i made it look complicated. Thanks for kind words.:))

@Zeba: thanks. I came to bahrain few months back from UAE. :))My profile still says UAE, have to change it

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Panorama: Wowo, you too. Indian cuisine is magical. And sweets are just amazing. We can never go away from it, no matter how far we live.Thanks

2Sucharita: Thanks, I had a crazy life. i am a bit weird so everything is weird. I read your Tag, thanks for the honour.:))

@AS: you say you are having writers block, but you have written a wonderful post. Modesty aah?
I will let you knwoa bout bahrain jobs. Once you are in Srilanka, Visas are issued on arrival at the airport for most nationalities. So no problem. Thanks

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Jaadi: i ask the same question. Such beautiful country and see what they have done to it. Thanks for kind words. I wish to be see ITALY, FRANCE, SWEDEN, RUSSIA, AUSTRIA and many european countries. I too have a friend who has seen machu picchu and he was saying its breathtaking as much as its mystifying.Hey, i cant see you blog? Its sad.

@Nona: Its a simple tag, or i think so. Waiting for a week, Thanks

@Keshi:Thanks, yes, i have been and its awesome. But more like kerala, my place.:))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Priya: Thanks, We are all egs of paradoxes and Oxymorons, arent we? I too can get a hired killer( if not kill)for good food. :))
I will never get enough of watching DDLJ.

@Aparna: Thanks, yes its difficult. I can name a 100 dishes which are my fav food. Same with movies and book. Come up with tag soon. :))

@Anamika: Thanks, yes its much more than four, but i just named in random.
Women are such pillars of strength and my wife too is. She makes me live like a human, otherwise you would see me imitate neanderthals.:))))

Anonymous said...

Good Post...and a good tag....God Bless the souls you have tagged...its going to take a while for them to continue the tag....Great to know you better....

Ida said...

Wow! That's really SOME life you have led! Thanks for sharing....

R. Ramesh said...

haha..dharmendra...v had a hearty laugh over yr comment..:) and thanks boss..all the best to u..u must be missing fmly..

Neha said...

quite an interesting read...1st time on ur blog, so gotta knw a lot...we ve quite a few things in common, like even i wanna write a the moment jus exploring few subjects...

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Gymnast: Oh i missed the point. You are right about parenting and 'Mocking bird'.Subconsciously though. I can read that book again several time, with right hiatus in between. It feels so warm reading the book, sint it?Thanks:))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@All: Thanks a ton for such kind words. God bless to all:))

The abstract scientist said...

Hi ZB,
Thanks for putting up my link in your profile. It seems to have increased my blog traffic via yours. Thanks again.

Babli said...

I liked your post very much.You have presented very beautifully and also very interesting to read.Good to hear that you have been to Pondicherry and you liked the place as I am from Pondicherry so felt very happy to know it.

rahul s said...

wow..nice list of fours.heh..n great to hear that u still preserve your roots.Many people never try to remember where they came from..
I liked your way of blogging..I am a novice in to the blogosphere and I guess I could learn a lot from you.thanks...

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@AB: Its always a pleasure mate..:)

@babli: yes i have been 2 times and that place rocks. It has so much of france in it and once you land there you get a feel that you are out of india. Great place and thanks for dropping in:)))

@Rahul: Thanks for kind words. I visited your blog, but culdnt comment on it. Some glitch. Will come later. Thanks, i am to new and you dont have to learn anything from me.
Just continue your writing, and be yourself, ciao:)))

All Talk and No Action said...

Nice Tag !!

BTW, You are into Publishing Industry? I don't know if this is the right place to ask...But what exactly in Publishing?