Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Disobeyed command.

Sandeep had just been promoted. He was a major now. Several years at The NDA and then at IMA, he was finally a respected Army officer. Since he could remember, he dreamt of being in the army. He would do Work-outs, for the sole purpose of getting through Army. When his friends studies for Medical or engineering entrance exams, he would join them to the coaching classes, but would get up before the roaster alarm and jog several miles. He would look at himself in the mirror and extend his muscles and smile at his burgeoning shoulders.

His friends would stare at him as if they were looking at a crazy immature boy, about to devastate his own life. He was often asked what if he wasn’t selected for the NDA. He would smile at them nervously and say, “I would, no matter what.”

It was as if heavens were listening to him or some conspiracy by the gods, he was selected.

On the passing out day, he was advised by his superiors-, “As long as you are in the army, never fall in love. Have affairs no issues; even sleep with women, but never harbor sentiments for them. Women always brought pain and That could be the toughest and worst suffering. soldiers aren't meant to be such squishy creatures.” That was Colonel Venugopal who had advised him last.
“No Love shove, puttar”, he had said.
He was immediately posted to a remote border close to POK, infected with deadly Kashmiri militants.
That was more of the reason for the advice he received. It was almost a command, which he very well decided to abide; not that he had any more options.

He met Anjali while on his vacation in Kerala. He had found her standing next to a car on a deserted highway and had stopped his car. He went to her and asked if she needed help. “Yes”, pat came the reply.
It took just ten minutes for him to change the punctured Tyre. As an appreciation she had agreed for a coffee with him. She even attempted to pay for the coffee, but refrained from insisting on seeing his changed facial expression. That was the beginning of a friendship.
Their lovely friendship was such that people all over talked about it. Everyone approved of their closeness; they looked like the most suitable couple if there ever was.

She was the only daughter of a cardiac surgeon settled in America. She was born and brought up there and it was after the need came, when her parents thought of installing certain Indian Culture and values in her that she was asked to stay with her grandparents in India. That was when she had travelled to Kerala. Like every immigrant, her parents too had sought greener pastures but when the time came for their daughter, they insisted that she take lessons the Indian way. “These American youngsters, confused to the word T”, they often proclaimed.
She had overheard her father speak to grandfather, “Achan, we are sending her there so that she could pick some Indian Values. And not teach American customs to Indians”

She smiled when she heard her father say that. Parents can be so over protective, especially when it came to daughters. She had managed to live whole of one week as per the life and values prescribed by her parents. But after a week, she bunged on her own.

It took much less time for the cupid to strike; in the form of Sandeep. They met everywhere; Restaurants, coffee shops, Mall, parks.
However, their favorite place was the odyssey book store at the Forum Mall. They bought so many books that the sales assistant was instructed by the manager to order soft drinks when this crazy couple arrived.
They would sit in the food court and talk for hours; about everything under the sun and when the sun decided to set, they would part.
In between, he would suddenly look sad and she would inquire. He would tell her about his Army life; the toughness and the uncertainties that was part of his life.
“ Its difficult, but I know I would be able to face it now.” He had said once.
“And how would you know that you would be able to face it?” she had asked.
“Oh, someone special has entered my life.” She smiled gleefully each time she heard him say that.

They would go to Music world, and he familiarized her with Hindi songs. She appreciated his knowledge of Hindi and his liking for Kishore kumar and Lata duets. They would listen to many of the songs and he would translate the lyrics for her in English. She would laugh at the English he used.
“Kali palak tere gori” became, “Oh beautiful one your beautiful eyes”.
It was during one such musical escapades that she kissed him on his lips.“I must take the reins in my hands now”, she had said laughingly, “else if left to you, you would take an eternity”
She had never thought that she would see him blush, but he blushed beetroot red that day.

Finally, they made plans for their future. He informed her that it would take five years for him to resign his commission. She agreed on the time, she to needed to finish her studies. It would take another five years for that.
He informed his parents about Anjali. They were shocked but soon their shock turned into contentment, when they met her. Anjali captured their imagination of the future daughter-in-law. Her parents too liked him and his family. They decided to accomplish the engagement ceremony.

Their engagement ceremony was held during the last week of his leave. Relatives and friends from all over the globe arrived to attend the function. However, her parents couldn’t make it, but they sent their blessings telephonically.
Colonel Venugopal too had called. “Bachchoo”. He had said. “So you are trapped, huh? Koi Nahi, she is a nice girl, she would bring you luck”.
Sandeep was in profound joy, hearing his mentor say those words. He had tears rolling down his eyes.

His leave finished before hers. The entire families were present at the railway station to send him off. Anjali was in tears. He tried his best to console her, but to no avail. He promised to write to her every day. When the train left the platform, she broke down and cried.

They say he died a brave man. He disobeyed his command and went to save his fellow men. The men were saved but he died.
Years later Anjali’s husband could never understand why she broke down every time the Kishore-Lata duet “bohut door muje chale jaana hein” played.

P.S: This story is 75 % mine. I had read a somewhat similar(though,without all those romanticism and Kissing part) story many-many years ago, though the ending and the narrative was different. I have borrowed(Desi-fied) the plot from that unknown story by some Unknown writer( I Think it was an American story); with his permissions.

Click here if you wanna read a story with happy ending. I recommend you to read this.Personally its one of the favorite stories of mine.Sorry about that shameless self promotion....:D


hary!! said...

ZB, There are so many unsung heros around us, but i always have thought and respected War heros than anyone else! Every single soul out there fighting and safe guarding our country has a story!Jai Hind..

Must say this..i cud'nt but stop admiring yur unveiling stuff!..tak care


R. Ramesh said...

the desi-fied version is indeed gr8..cheers buddy

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Hary: Thanks buddy. Yes, our nation is much more than anything, even life, isnt it?Cheers, TC:))

@Ramesh: Desified, even the ending is desi-fied, i wonder if an American gori will ever break down listening to some OST Track. hA!


The Panorama said...

Hey, nice story...and this neo-realism thing works pretty well:)

Enjoy your overseas trip and hope to catch up with you when you get back. Bon Voyage:)

Keshi said...

u brought all the characters to life. I loved the way u wrote this story. *tears*

The sad truth is that most ppl who live and die for others often go unheard of. but they do live in some hearts forever. I think that will do.


Aparna said...

Beautiful story.But please write something with a happy ending next time. I hate to get maudlin in the morning.
Enjoy your break, hope to have you back soon.

Smita said...

Undoubtedly one of your best story!!!

Loved it for it's simplicity, story & the narration!!!

U know sometimes I regret that when I was deciding my career why did I never think about Army :(

Priya said...

awesome story...awesome setting..yes, sweetly romantic in fact.....

but...promise the next story with a happy ending...

and i think i need to hear those "left-unnoticed-for-a-long-time" cassettes of "Lata-Kishore duet once again...

Neha said...

your this post will always remain very close to my heart...

kavita said...

Good but a sad one...

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@All: Thank you all for reading a story which had me too teared up. Catchup when i come back after a couple of weeks of Ass kicking(I MEANT MY OWN ASS).

Ciao and you guys take good care of yourself. :))

Gymnast said...

What? Why didnt the girl's parents come down for their own daughter's engagement? How did they fix everything up without meeting the guy? Are they really mallu parents.

I somehow had a feeling that the guy was going to die in the end. Too much of lovey-dovey ness and everything going well is dangerous.

Anyhow well written. Nice flow.

sujata said...

Ohh that made me really sad!! But very well written. Enjoy your break and get back soon..you will be missed!

Nona said...

You have written well.

Is there a Forum mall in Kerala? Or did I miss something? :)

The best part I liked is her breaking down when she hears the song! It has a very secretive touch!

R. Ramesh said...

hey buddy.enjoy yr trip...and remember all of us...cheers

extremity said...

so so sad story :(
hmm..liked the way their intensity grown but oly to .. :(

Anonymous said...

hmm...so true...some times even the smallest things remind u of the one u've loved n lost.