Sunday, 23 August 2009

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We all know about Twitter. I feel it has a tremendous potential to change the way we connect. We connect via our Blogs, but writing a blog is not an everyday affair ( for most of us).I haven’t really tried Twitter, though I created an account quite some time back. I Thought I would just spread a word that Twitter can indeed connect us on a different level and we all should try it out.
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Since my wife has left for India, I have learned a lot of things, the hard way. The lot-of-things include, using the microwave to make dinner in a jiffy, to use the washing machine and clean the toilet in minutes etc. I am revealing my secret recipe to make Aloo ki Sabzi for the benefit of all those married bachelors who are forced to nosh for themselves

Aloo Sabzi:

Time taken-5 minutes. Can be had with frozen parathas, or for lazier times even bread will do.


Aloo- 1 no

Onions: I no

Salt: to taste

Black pepper: half a teaspoon

Turmeric powder: 1/4 teaspoon

Garam masala powder: ¼ teaspoon

Mustard(whole): teaspoon

Tomatoes: optional


  1. Peel, wash the potatoes and cut into small cubes the size of croutons ( the one you find in Tomato soups)
  2. Put it in a Microwave bowl and microwave in Medium-high for 5 minutes( check if its cooked, for fussy potatoes, cook for another few minutes).
  3. Meanwhile, Dice onions or chop them. I am bad at chopping so I dice them.
  4. Take a nonstick pan and heat oil. Crackle mustard ( tip: you can add a bit of urad dal for that nutty-ness)
  5. Add Diced onions and sauté for about a minute till the onions are crispy cooked. Don’t leave it to colour.
  6. Take out the Aloo from the MW and add to the Pan. Add all the spices and continue sauté. Add tomato cubes and garnish with finly chopped coriander leaves and serve yourself.(Tip 2:You can even add Gobi and make it Aloo gobi.Gobi cleaning is a pain in the wrong place, so aloo will do. You can improvise by adding a bit of frozen spinach)

Kitchen TIPS for Men:

1. Instant sandwiches can be made by mixing Canned Tuna(in oil) with mayonnaise . Add chopped onions for that extra taste

2. Soak dal(red dal) and rice for couple of hours and Microwave for 7-8 minutes. DHAN-TE-NAN, Kitchidi ready. Add a tempering of cracked mustard, curry leaves and bit of chopped ginger/garlic and you can have as close a kitchidi to Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai.

3. Its all too easy to make an egg masala. ZB istyle Egg masala can be made by following this method. Fry sliced onions, Add Ginger/garlic(chopped) and when onions are brown add regular rangoli masala(red Chili powder, turmeric,corriander etc). Add chopped tomatoes and when tomatoes are mashed, mix it nicely to form a thick masala. Separate by moving the masala onto a side of the pan and break 2 eggs. Leave the eggs to cook without scrambling them and once eggs are fried, mix (fold, as in for a cake mix) lightly with the masala. Egg masala ready.

For more intresting tips, keep dropping in. Ciao


The Panorama said...

Somehow I just could not get into this twittering thing. Even though it has really caught are yiou called ZB on twitter?

ZB said...

Hi, no to know you just need to click on the link on my post or the one on the side. Thanks :))

It is interesting if you Pleasee try. :)

sujata said...

I cannot get myself to manage orkut and facebook, so twitter, i dont have plans of joining at the moment, put up the twitter link on your blog, I will read all the tweets, like i do for aparna, who has started tweeting recently.

Rahul Anand said...

Ok, I follow you now. BTW, I think people with a wi-fi connection on their cell phones would be the ones making the most of Twitter. For others it's the same as Facebook/Orkut.

But, I also think the day when everyone will have a internet-ready mobile is fast approaching.

And the Aloo Ki Subzi will be useful for the real bachelors too, not only the married ones :) Cheers!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

I am rather twitter-wary and will perhaps take the plunge after some time.

But the aloo-subzi looks simple and appetising. Will try that before Twitter!

Swatantra said...

Nice picture on your blog.. did u click it..

I liked your tips about food...

Neha said...

hm, kya bolu main...well yeah, I am followin u on twitter, I don't use it much though..

and yess I would call this vellagiri too..:)))

Aparna said...

I am on twitter though not really that active. May be I should start tweeting from my mobile.
That aloo ki sabzi looks rather appetising.And the header photo is a real winner.

Gayathri said...

ha..aloo subzi.. one of my past favorites..but something i started avoiding for the fear of putting up weight :D..

Nikki said...

Hahahhaa kya baat hai! Good going.

anamika said...

All the recipes mentioned above are full of calories accept kichdi so beware .Hope u exercise regularly if stuck to above menu.Aalo,egg,mayonise I avoid as much as possible when not exercising.

i m so hooked to FB and orkut that i want to avoid twitter as much as i didn't try clicking it;)

Deeps said...

I too have a twitter account thnks to an invite from a friend,but havent used it even once :D
Its turned into a revolution now.

The aloo sazi looks quite tempting and worth a try,even for someone like me who doesnt revel in being in kitchen very much !
thank you for the recipe.
First time here,came through Sujata.glad to have come by your page :))

numerounity said...

Nice one...was off from blogging for some while...dunno whether am back yet or not! :)

ZB said...

@Sujata: Thanks:)

@Rahul: Thanks:), aloo taste great, try it sometime.:)

@Sucharita: Thanks :)

@Swatantra: hehe, thanks :)

@Neha: Vellagiri? hehe, right !

ZB said...

@Aparna: Thanks. It looks appetizing .....:)

@Gay3: ALoo is rich in carbs, vitamins and mineral. It is better than eating too much of grains. It doesnt make you fat, ya, you fart.I guess, thats what people say..hehe:))

@Nikki: Thanks.:)

@Anamika: ALoos are great. its a myth that they make you fat. They are rich in nutrients. Try them, dont have friend ones. Have the curry and they dont make you fat.:)

@Deeps: Thanks.And welcome. I will drop by your blog shortly. TC:)

@Numero: Welcome back. Thanks buddy. :))

Kaddu said...

I couldn't get a hang of twitter either. Rarely remember to login into it. Somebody told me to add my blog's RSS feed to my twitter account, using So I did that. Now everytime I make a new post, it automatically gets posted on my twitter too! :D

Btw, I'm going to try cooking the aloos in my MW today. If it works, then I'll be pestering u for more MW cooking recipes! :D