Thursday, 5 November 2009

hello friends, how are you doing? Hope alls fine at ur end.

I just noticed that I haven’t written much on this blog for long….so thought of posting something real quick…..
My updates:
Pretty mundane life, like it was since I started having memory. Life seems like a long chase for wealth accumulation. And the only goal in life is to be rich before 45. I plan to buy my second apartment soon and again this time too without any kind of Loan. I am allergic to loans, or rather it’s a kindof phobia which I feel is good to have. But before that I need a car for me in India, and I am confused which one to buy? Or will have to listen to my wife: Why do we need to buy a Chai-Shop to have a glass-tumbler of Tea? Makes sense though, considering we come home for 30 days in a year for vacation.
And I think I am missing a vacation in this tussle of materialism. I have joined a mutual fund scheme for the sole purpose of vacation, that is, in 2012 when it matures.  I would go to New-Zealand when I get the money without burrowing a hole in my as-such worn leather wallet.
My daughter is 8 months old but easily the naughtiest in a radius of several hundred kilometers. Her fav pass time is to see her mom sweat in the cold Kerala rainy weather. And of course chewing on the  un-chewables like telephone cable when her mom is speaking to her dad.  She has started on solid food and is on a special royal diet of mashed rice, drops of homemade ghee, papadams, boiled potatoes and carrots. She eats only if the entertainment- quotient is in the right proportions, like the crow her mama shows is dark enough or the white cat meows in support.
She has two shiny and pearly teeth on top and bottom gums , and plans to make good use of them on her mom and granny. The other day she bit her mother’s fingers and her mom almost cried.
Job-wise it’s the most dreaded season of appraisals and KRA’s. I hate Novembers for this reason. Next years emoluments  depends on one signature of my boss, and how I hate to be reliant of him. I am waiting for that one day in my life when I would decide the fate of few men who work for me. Yes I want to be self employed and that’s what I meant by retirement at 45 and not the retirement my father took from government service at the age of 60.
Ciao, that’s all for now. Have more to write but laziness doesn’t consent me to go on. So maybe next time.


The Panorama said...

Hey ZB, nice to hear from you after a while. I am also struggling with writing regular posts with a hectic pace at work. Take care:)

Neha said...

hiya buddy...good to know the updates...ah NZ, one of my dream destination...u planning to sky dive or any adventurous stuff? may all ur dreams come true...too cliched, but honest :D

Rahul Anand said...

You're right about the loans - its a vicious cycle, but unless one is super rich, cannot do without them either. TC :)

kavita said...


Smita said...

aha!! thats a nice update and ur daughter sounds sooo cute!!!

As far Materialistic world run for money..I want to say I don't want to be a part of it but then I feel how will I enjoy!

Vicious circle it is!!!

Rashmi said...

Hey much love and hugs to that cute little angel of yours :)
She reminds me of myself so much...
And yeah about the regular mundane stuffs SIGH!!! what do i say...i guess i am way too bored so very early in life before even getting into the grinding.
Nevertheless, you take care and i loved this post, quite a breather from the heavy stuff i've been reading.

Aparna said...

Don't buy the car...hire a cab whenever you want to travel. Who is going to maintain it if you are not in India?
As someone wisely said, money does not buy us happiness but it sure buys those things that make us happy. Hence the chase to make as much as we can.
Your daughter is at an adorable age and every day is a new discovery, for the parents as well as the baby. I am sorry you are missing out on those precious moments. Can she sit yet?
Hopefully you will keep us updated more often. Take care.

Dhanya said...

Heylo thereee Mr. ZB! Sughangal okke thanne? :) Getting rich before 45 eh? Hell bent on retiring then alle? :D

Bagman and Butler said...

Your blog perfectly captures our rat race world -- I'm laughing because I just corrected a typo because I had originally written "rate race"...pursuit of interests measured in percents. And your chord chewing daughter adds the human touch we all carry around with us, bringing us back to the present when we focus too much on the future.

R. Ramesh said...

hey thats a good be on one's own..lemme wish that happens for u..dear friend..cheers

The unsure ascetic said...

Hey ZB,
Good to see you? What is with your sudden culmination of creative writing? When are your fans getting to see more of it?

numerounity said...

Zzzzzzzzzzz B

Good to see you back! bad that you do not post her pictures with two teeth on this blog!

ZB said...

@Panorama:Thanks. I can see that. Keep writing. We all love your blog. :)

@Neha: Thanks Buddy. Yes we all need a vacation. All the best for ur NZ trip. Hope you go soon. :)

@Rahul: Thats right. Thanks :)

ZB said...

@Kavita; Thanks, Yes she is. Extremely naughty she is, unlike how her parents were when they were her age. I was and even my wife, were very silent kids.:)

@Smita: Thanks Buddy:)

@Rashmi:Thanks :)

@ Aparna: Thats what my wife too says. She is my Investment GURU, and i have always benefited by her advice. She can sit now. She is trying to crawl. She would join me in feb, for sure. :)

ZB said...

@Dhanya: Yea, sure. :)

@B & B: Thanks. :)

@Ramesh: Thanks Budddy, wish you too gud luck.:)

@UA:I am writing but fiction writing is not happening. Not in the right frame of mind, i guess. :)

@Numero: Thanks, Picture? My wife doesnt approve. But i had posted it earlier. Thanks :)