Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hi, My life updates

I thought I had just written a post few days back but was in for a super-shock.GRRRRRR……2 months and no updates.  I am still alive and breathing (If anyone cares).

Updates on My Life:

·         Went to Kerala on a tiny vacation. 10 days passed as if I was put to sleep and brought back to life 10 days later. That’s why I feel I should be more mindful of my existence; else life would pass by as if I were a moth born after the first rain.
·         Brought back the family. One year wait ended and my Wife and daughter traveled with me back to Bahrain. When I was alone I felt, as if my flat was huge, cold, lonely and depressing. Suddenly my 2 bedroom flat appeared too small a space. Little Ananya instantly conquered the space and declared possession, getting the life back to otherwise brick and cement and mortar.
·          My life has transformed for ever. Our( Wife and Mine) lives now revolves around the discretion of certain Ms. Ananya( my daughter) and we are adapting to her mood, Hunger and sleep. We whisper when she sleeps and only talk in our normal voices when she is awake. Three-forth of my Kingsize bed is now occupied by the reigning queen.She is awake by 5am, which otherwise was non existent hour of the day, and then starts the tussle to keep her entertained.  These days, my day start at 5 and until 9 am you could find me in the kitchen or providing amusement to the queen. AAAAAH..My Back.
·         Had party at my Wife’s house. It was fun. Whiskey(picked on the way from Duty-free) for the boyz( Bro-in-law, Father-in-law and me) and Martini for the girlz ( wife, Her sister and My MIL) and snacks, mostly consisting of fried seafood, flowed freely.

From Anu Birthday

           Celebrated Daughter’s first Birthday on the 10th of March(ABove photo  taken during her bday function). Booked a  Banquet hall at the Fortune Park hotel. It was Great Fun to see so many relatives and friends under one roof.
·         This year’s resolution of bridging the lost bond with my Father ended in the worst fight we have had so far. My father feels I have become proud and insolent and it’s because of the (he feels) success I have had in my career. I feel he is jealous of me, but then can a father be ever jealous of his son? Or is he jealous of the good relationship I share with my In-laws? Or is it because of over possessiveness?
·         After the fight, my father told me to leave the house immediately and it was past 9.30 pm at night. I had to beg him to allow us to stay until the morning because of the baby and the difficulty in getting a taxi so late at night (by Calicut standards). I promised that I wouldl never visit them again and my father challenged me to keep my promise. He cursed me that I would suffer and my bad days have only begun. My wife couldn’t control herself from crying and pleaded the old man not to curse us and the baby.
·         I feel whatever tiny bit of bond was left has been severed between us. I feel as if I have had no father, and the thought actually helps me feel better. I am through a strange situation in life when I feel it’s better to be an orphan than to cry over a disintegrated relationship. Its better to be fatherless than to have a father who has given me only hurt, all my life, including snatching my mother away from me.
·         It was my daughter’s first flight and she was howling almost half of it. Half of the passengers and almost all the crew tried appeasing her, of course without avail. We were glad that 4.5 hours of flight was over, which felt like one lifetime of flying. But once out of the plane she was all jovial and grab-whatever-comes-near-her-hand mood, including her papa’s hair and next passengers handbag.


R. Ramesh said...

budddyy...nice to cya back...good good all's well..just be happy..reg. parents' anger..me 2, many too in same situation...cant blame anyone..part of the game..but sure parents are precious and v will stick to that...best wishes always...

The Panorama said...

Hey ZB, nice to see a post by you:)

I was sad to read about the fight with your father. Forgive him. He is after all a human and it is understandable that he feels a bit jealous and left out now that you have a new family and parents. When parents grow up, we have to become the parent and allow them their tantrums. Hope it works out between you guys:)

Rashmi said...

Hey, long time indeed since i saw any updates coming from your end.

ananya looks soooo cute, best wishes and god bless to dear lill angel that she is :)

I am sorry to hear about the father-son relationship, but i guess its okay to feel bad and think of such things. I too share something similar with my elder brother.
May be its something to do with they are family and that answers everything, you really cant choose them, just accept and hope for peace.

Good to hear from you, and take care, keep smiling always.

Much love and regards,
rashmi :)

Bagman and Butler said...

I, too, am glad to see you back and your daughter is beautiful. I've never understood why fathers and sons have such problems although that relationship has never been simple with me either. My Dad was an alcoholic and I was raised by my grandparents. I was a terrible father in my first marriage and my son has not spoken to me for 30 years. But I somehow got it right the second time around. And I'm glad you are posting with such honesty and feeling.

Kaddu said...

Hey ZB! Mixed tidings with this post, huh? Reading about Anu had me all giggling, while reading about your strife with your Dad had me almost in tears. I know no amount of words can even come close to bringing any comfort to you. So just sending loads of hugs your way. Take care buddy! :)

Gymnast said...

Hey ZB ,

Good to see you back after a really long time.

Ananya looks so cute , there's naughtiness written all over her face.You'll have a tough time when she grows up , her big beautiful eyes are surely going to have a million admirers!

I admire your wonderful honesty , ZB , and though the strained relationship with your dad seems most upsetting , you seem to have reached some conclusion in your mind.

I am much younger to you and cant offer a word of advice , but , all i can say is that , even the worst things get better with time.

Believe me , this too , will pass.

Hugs to the adorable anu , and maybe someday when i come to Bahrain will actually have a chance to entertain the queen!

sujata said...

good to have you back!! And amazing news that your wife and daughter is back with you in bahrain, hope that doesnt reduce your blogging though!! just leave the parental remark to old age/senility and move on!

Anamika Sureka said...

Hey ZB,

Welcome back :)..Good to see you here again...Your daughter looks really vivacious and full of life on her birthday.I am glad you are with your family as that is the only sole purpose of existence in this world...

Every one in their life goes through a bad relationship and it could be with any one.So don't think you are the one.Just chill and enjoy your beautiful life:)

Shrutzz said...

she is a doll!!!! soo cute!!

Neha said...

good to see u buddy..Ananya looks so naughty..good luck :P

About your father - well things happen for the best..and time heals everything..just wait and watch dear..

hugs :)

ZB said...

All: Thank you All for the wonderful words. I feel much better. I am over it and have moved on. I am happy and relaxed and enjoying the company of my family. TC and god bless to all. :)

Raj said...

happy to see you mahn. so, you have become a proud daddy of a one year old. :)

sorry about your father. though i dare say time heals all wounds.

Aparna said...

Hi ZB, great to see you back.
Little Anu is not so little anymore huh? I bet she is a dynamo on two legs. Enjoy her early years, they are priceless.
Sorry to hear about your dad and you. May be some relationships are not meant to work. But he is not getting any younger and it is better to forgive than to remain angry.
Hope you blog more often, even if to let us know about Princess Ananya's latest antics. we all would love to hear from you.

R. Ramesh said...

buddy thanks ya...spl hi to ananya..cutie

Nikita Banerjee said...

Happy belated birthday to darling Ananya! She is beautiful...touchwood!

A lot has been said so I won't add anything more. Hope you are doing good!

BK Chowla, said...

I used to wonder as to what made you disappear for so long.
Wish the little one a happy birthday on our behalf.
God bless.

kavita said...

Hello ZB...nice to see u back..your daughter is choo chweet.i will be back to read the post some other time.At work rt now..Take care.

kavita said...

its sad to hear about your dad ,even i don't understand that how could a dad curse his own child.I hope and pray that things get better between you .
Ananya is a beautiful child and i hope three of you always have a great time together.God bless this lovely family.

As for your another post...some other time.