Sunday, 7 June 2009


Now, having kind of settled into the blogging world, I find it to be much similar to a black hole of cyber space.

The enormous thoughts and ideas that it sucks into its behemoth gravitational centre is astonishing. The more a person spends time here, the more he is deluded. I find ideas and thoughts echoing all across, but also these ideas and thoughts have precedents.

Having read several blogs, I find the true expression of the self, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Several blogs have memoirs, origination from some level of unconscious, but turning into perceptible subjects once written, helping the writer know himself better. I feel I too need to write memoirs and identify the true nature of my existence.

I remember, my childhood was spent speculating how it would be to be grown-up. In fact I was so obsessed with growing up that I don’t remember much from the age of 10- 15. When I think about it now, I feel it was this enormous desire to be taken seriously. I wanted to be treated as a mature, grownup man by anyone I knew. I guess every child wants to be treated as an adult.

I wonder if I really took time to enjoy my childhood and growing up. A large part of it was spent worrying about exam results and performance in the unit tests. I wish I was given another chance at growing up, and to feel the real essence of childhood and stages of growth into that forbidden realm called “Adulthood”.

I feel a major difference between a child and an adult is that a child asks questions and an adult simply learns to overlook things.I remember me, exhausting my parents with innumerable “what is this?”, “why is this”, to a point where I was made to understand that asking too many questions wasn’t the right thing. Probably the entry into adulthood was a certain acceptance of things as they are.

Now, being an adult and into the core of my life, I have come to realize that if all questions were to be answered, a whole established system of norms would be turned on its head.

Ciao friends, Let’s keep the child in us ALIVE.


The abstract scientist said...

Hello saar,
I believe we must nurture the child within us through our adulthood to live a fuller and more complete life. I don't want to see adulthood as a forbidden realm. The difference between us Indians and the Europeans that I see nowadays is their zeal for life even in ripe old ages. They want to travel the world, pamper themselves and live their lives the way they want to. They do not burden themselves with important things(for us) like parenting over-dependent children, living for the society, following the strictly beaten career paths etc. The question that if this way of life will result in a genuinely better feeling can be disputed as human beings always want to try something that they don't know or haven't got.

A very thought provoking post. It made me think. Thanks.

Gayathri said...

it was pretty good..
as i told u in some previous comments,i'm treated as a very matured girl everywhere,in my college,in the family etc,..but yet,i keep asking questions every now n then..everytime someone gives me some info or statement,my instantaneous response would be a 'why',..if asking questions were stereotypical of a child,then im childish,or better child-like..he he...i would love to be termed that way :D..

anyway,it takes 4 muscles to extend ur arm and bitch slap that mother @#?!&!,but it takes even lesser to lift your middle finger,and move on.. :D..
no offence :) cheers..

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Abstract: A very well complimenting comment.I agree with you cent %. We are very different to Europeans or arabs I am used to seeing. Our life ends when we become parents and we spend rest of our lives nurturing and saving for our kids. And we are so obsessed with our careers and savings that we forget to live. Thanks for bring this in. This is something we should all think of seriously, now that We (Indians) have tasted success and our lives have improved from the impoverishes of our earlier generations. Kudos Man

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Gay3:Very well said. I think thats the right attitude. "Show the middle finger and move on."

Even me, ask enough questions to annoy anyone.But i guess you arent childish, you are nurturing the child in you. I think both are nonparallel.

Chriz said...

loved it :)

everyone has a child in us.. true..

i want to relive my childhood now

Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri said...

You have said it beautifully, a major difference between childhood and adulthood is that the child asks questions while the adult overlooks. But fortunately, we don't overlook everything, and we are alive (!) because we stop, think and try to understand things.

And the space covered by the WWW is mind boggling. In time, it might become as big as the cosmic universe. It already reminds us how insignificant we are as individuals.


hey hi..
1st time on ur blog...
really liked the pics... made me laugh.. :D
by d way..
u r right in saying that at the age of 10-15 we really dont enjoy our childhood.. b/c we wanted to be given importance.. wanted to be treated as mature..
me too really wish to get back those days..
whn i talk to some of my frnds and we chat abt our childhood.. they tell abt wht they did in school.. wht pranks they played.. i really feel sad..tht why i didnt do that.. what i was doing tht time..?? why i didn't enjoy.. :(
bt the fact is that i cant get back those days..
so i have decided..tht frm now i wont waste my time.. i will do whtevr pleases me so. after some yrs whn i will recall my these days . i will not feel like i could have done this/that.. . :)

AnjuGandhi said...

very thought provoking psot. even is said few days back let the child in our adult body emerge out only then we will be able to face this adulthood and its related problems

Sucharita Sarkar said...

The pictures are really hilarious.

And as for "A large part of it was spent worrying about exam results and performance in the unit tests" - I agree 100%

P said...

the pics are a good laugh!

as far as i am concerned... it is great to be child until you are five... but after that... give me adulthood any day... even though it is punctuated with worries and heart aches and uncertainties.. it is finally being in charge of oneself is whats wonderful!
Once you realize that there is more to life than just playing around... you cannot help but wait to grow up... that's just why we all look forward impatiently to grow up! Try to look older, smarter, wiser..!

As Grey's Anatomy blatantly put it: Being an adult is great because of the 'no parents, shoes and sex'!! And anyone would be lying if they did not agree with it!

Zeba Talkhani said...

Am I d only 1 fed up wid d child within me? It pops up at d least expected times!

This is that said...

Good one. I think I became an adult too soon. I can identify with this zillion.

Butler and Bagman said...

Hilarious photos and very perceptive words. I also question sometimes the delusional nature of blogging...but, on the other hand, blogging is a kind of connection between souls. Sometimes I think that the Internet is a little like the accumulated soul of the human race with all its holiness as well as all its earthiness. I wonder if the Internet is sort of the next step in human evolution. That's a scary thought -- but also an exciting one.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Thanks everyone, its a great feeling to be read and appreciated and i cant thanks enough.cheers and god bless to everyone.:)))

pranksygang said...

ha ha ha:) those pics are very hilarious...