Monday, 8 June 2009

Tra la la- i watched a movie

I was blog hopping the whole day, well, most of the day, hoping that I would stumble upon a genuine bad blog. But, hey, congrats to all you guys, couldn’t even find one. If you ask me of the parameters at which I had etched my judging criteria, I can just say-something which bores me and I say,”EUREKA, here comes the most boring blog of all”.I have finally concluded that BAD BLOGS are an extremely rare and endangered species in the blogosphere. Some are Outstanding, some are excellent, yet some are good, but never there is a Blog which is BAD.I have decided to include myself in that BAD world of blogging. Someone to save the species from extinction. You might think what this guy is upto; call this a Keyboard diarrhea, keyboard loose motion or constipation of ideas, it’s entirely upto you.

Lately, I have become so compulsive obsessive with blogging, I have been promoting my blog in the most cheapest of ways possible.I have put the blog URL as my status message on Gtalk.As if that’s not enough, and what if someone misses it, I have also added it to Facebook status message. I have been personally telling every single of my friends about this ZIllionbig guy, whose blog is supposed to be the best in the blogosphere.

I was watching ‘Life in a Metro’ today. I know I am pretty late at writing a review, considering the movie was released 2 years back and CD shops have stopped selling even the pirated DVDs. But I am late at several things in life, so this doesn’t really come as a surprise, if you know what I am talking about.

I am a real macho guy, you know those muscle and strength type ( no really, I have 2 of the 6 pack abs, though my wife calls it a paunch), but I can also get real mushy and touchy. I had tears in my eyes on several occasion watching the film, though it was unintentional on the part of the Director.

Since I am writing a review, you guys might get judgmental from my previous paragraph.No, the movie wasn’t a tear jerker, not even as much as ‘Tare Zamin par’ was, but I could relate to so many of its scenes that I couldn’t stop my eyes getting all welled up.

It was nothing short of a crap, if I judge it by the hat I wear when I watch a good Hollywood movie, but incidentally I wore a different hat, the one I wear while watching a Hindi movies( I hate the term Bollywood). And it turned out to be a real good watch.

The age old story of love, extramarital relations, passionate and passionless marital relations etc, pretty mundane all of them. But the effort was genuinely sincere. I felt I had gone through so many of such relationships in life.No, I am not talking about extra marital. I haven’t had any as of date, and cant say about the future.( hope my wife never reads this, but whom am I to say anything of the future. And what if my wife has an affair? Aah?).

For a change I found Shilpa shetty pretty, otherwise she has a very plastic look(too good to be true look) and a mile long synthetic smile.Oh, yes, I just realized she didn’t smile often in this film, no wonder she looked prettier. My two bit advice to Ms.Shetty, its good to smile and smile is key to happiness and all is true, but never over do something which is only half as much necessary.

Coming back to the film, interwoven relationships created a magic. I believe, that was what created the magic in the film. All the characters’ were in one way or the other related to each other in a peculiar unfaithful way. Starting from KK to shilpa, Konkana to Irfan all were unloyal characters-So true in todays times. Hindi movies have jaded us by telling us the same old tale, where every love is supposed to be ultra loyal to each other.Women are supreme species and can do anything for the maang ki sindoor. For a change a story which says straying is natural and doesn’t necessarily mean there is no love lost in the marital relationship.

The climax chase scenes were not meant for the brainy, logical types, since it goes ahead and tickles you logical brain in several negative ways. How can every character be chasing one another at one particular definitive moment? But this is a movie and things are supposed to be taken in a more allegorical and metaphorical way.

The sincerity and truthfulness in depicting characters’ as close to reality is sadly compromised in the end with the above mentioned chase scene, but then, the director had to end the story in some way and also remind the viewers that this is an entertainment cinema and its more than your money’s worth, if you find this movie above your bottom hit expectations about Bollywood (sadly I have accepted the terminology, whom am I if even oxford dictionary has accepted the word)

One thing I really appreciated about the movie was its music, with more than a couple of real groovy tracks and expressive background scores, which really lifted each scene and the movie in its entirety. Preetam ROCKED!!

The movie is really a light hearted one which is surely an exciting watch, but then I must mention that it shouldn’t be watched with a cynical Hollywood sense of logic and stay rooted to where we all belong to.

I may not be too good at being a critic, since several apparently crap movie had me all welled up. That’s one reason I refrain from watching emotional movies in the theatre, but I have had fun watching movies with my wife. I have had tears flowing like flooded Brahmaputra, when my wife would laugh at me for being so mushy. But its fine, I cease to be a macho man in front of her ( I can even fart in front of her without feeling embarrassed). I may not be the best critic, but hey, at least I tried.

ciao all


As the Mind Meanders said...

Hey ZB.... for whatever it matters... I watched the movie recently too... and wondered... if you took the music out....

Chriz said...

i have my blog url in my gtalk too..
and i saw the movie too :)

lol on the farting part

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Cheap advertising!
you know what? I was planning to chat with my sister through blogger to increse my comment. But my stupid sister didnt have time to start a blog of hers!
I wrote a oh-so-VERY-GOOD speech for my friends to say during the farewell for leaving some comments on my blog. The idiot took all the glory and stardom and didnt even visit my blog. I hate her! ;-)
Pritam did a good job. His singer Soham is too good. Wonder why people did not discover too much in the guy! He sang "In Dino" soooooo well! I still have that song on my iPod!

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@AMM: the movie was OK, even if kept the music out, so i felt.Thanks Man cheers

@Chriz: You too?Farting was just a bit of spice, she would kill me i do that in front of her.:))

@Remya: You too? i am very stubborn and once decided i go for it. In Dine was a superb song. I love it.takecare

AnjuGandhi said...

even i try hard to advertise my blog. even i have pasted the url on my orkut and face book profile. then when ever i write something i send a post to all my frnds that plz read it. ( As if I have suddenly become a great writer ;-))
even i liked the movie but there is just one problem with these meaningufl cinemas. they make u depressed. as they are close to reality

Anonymous said...

For Gods sake, I am RAmya! :-)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Thanks Anju.You are right, i too like movies that make me smile. :))

Ramya: OK, RAMYA. :)))))))))))

Keshi said...

I gotta watch this movie then :) tnxx for the review!

**I have had tears flowing like flooded Brahmaputra,

LOL! r ya serious? Thats cute tho hehe...

ewwwwwwww @Farts!

btw come bak n tell me if u get random phone calls where ppl actually know ur name??


ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Keshi:LOL, EEEEEWWWWWW@Fart!??????

but why? everyone farts.Its a taboo word, but its quite natural for anyone to fart. Disgusting i know:)))))

Keshi said...


and ty for comin ova to spill the beans on my previous qn :)


Priya said...

Hi Zillion,

first time reader of your blog..well with the newest experience of reading your blog, here and now i can say you failed in your attempt to get marked as a "bad" blogger. you never know how pressure of constipation leads to sudden and unexpected vent of creativity..and that which you have shown...

loved some of your posts...looking forward to read more..till then..bye. :)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Keshi: Its always a pleasure lady, :))

Priya: Thats the best compliment i have ever received. Thanks a zillion times. I am so glad you liked some of my posts. Cheers, would visit you blog soon.:))

sujata said...


thanks for dropping by, have seen the movie that you reviewed and really the best parst of the movie was the music and Irfan Khan..the guy made me laugh through his innocence. Great write up, will wait for more.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Thanks Sujata. An encouragement coming from someone like you means a lot to me. Cheers:))

LumousP said...

Nice! yeah, i heard the movie was excellent.
about the music...well you DO know Pritam did rip off a few songs for the film's soundtrack...!

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Is it, but then most of the hindi filimi tracks are rip offs. sad. I loved IN Dino,though. cheers.:))

Anonymous said...

Ha know I used to be scared to tell people that I like this movie. Its well made. I loved the songs and the theme. Kinda scary, but happens...right?

Good take on hubby- wifey relationship, why hide right???

LumousP said...
check this out then...:)
w8 till 00:40

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@L:Humm, you are right. i have lost respect for him. copy cat. Even AR rahman has ripped from so many latin american and arabic numbers. Cheers.:)

LumousP said...

What?! even Rahman too!