Saturday, 20 June 2009

This pappu can act saala

I am new to blogging. Yet, I feel as if I had been blogging since ages. Blog hopping has become my favorite pastime and in the process have stumbled across many great blogs. Many of them are now my blog buddies but many are there still awaiting my discovery. I feel the success mantra in blogging is to read as many blogs and comment on others. If you want your blogs to be read by people, read their blogs. Everyone is busy with life and everyone has problems. Why should they read your blogs and comment? Probably they comment because they feel you care for them and they would like you to read them in return and comment. Didn’t I say the truth?

I have so many friends here now that I am more than a month old . I make it a point that I read as many blogs and promptly comment on them. I also make it a point that I don’t just blabber anything on their comment box. I genuinely read people and then comment. Its not that I have all the time in the world and the only thing I do in life is to blog(or get paid for reading blogs). But I am fortunate that I carry my laptop everywhere I go, which is part of my work tool. And SHHH, there is nothing like blogging from the office.(try it sometime when the boss is away, its fun, but addictive)

I have also come across bloggers who have put up disclaimers saying that comments wouldn’t be entertained unless they leave their real name and email ids. What the heck? I happen to comment on one such blog without reading the disclaimer and later came back to find that my comment was never published.

Like anyone, I hate rejection. I felt humiliated and hurt and pledged to never read or comment such blogs. I even stopped following this blog, in spite of it being a well written blog.Isnt that a case of superciliousness and an elitist behavior?. No wonder the lack of readership and comments. I feel blogs are a democratic platform and everyone has the right to read and comment. I don’t even understand comment moderation, but its true about spams and abusive comments, So it’s alright to moderate your comments. I feel, end of the day the most important thing is how much readership one has. You may write like P.G Wodehouse but what’s the fun if no one reads me? And why will people read you if you behave elitist?

I think I came across wrong in my previous post. I am sure I came across “saas bahu serial” type Mother-in-law, always bitchslaping their daughter-in-law.I was not bitchslapping India or pretending to show-off my NRI status. I hate to be living in a foreign country. I live here and work to earn a living. I would like to pack my things and shift my fat ass ASAP, but as of now, I have no choice but to work here.

I am a restless soul and only India provides respite to my restlessness. I am as restless and chaotic as streets of Mumbai and my soul would only rest peacefully while I am in INDIA. I am sure its so for millions of people living outside this strange and mysterious land called INDIA. How can one ever say bad about this land? Anyone who has ever lived here and understood India would never disagree with me when I say that this land has a strange energy and magnetism that attracts.

Life is hollow if not for a bit of spirituality and what better place to seek your spiritual quest than INDIA. 6 lane highways, glass skyscrapers, neat arrays of mansions with flashy cars and swimming pools etc…., only mean much to you for that short time, when you have just arrived in a foreign land. The first time I came out of the Heathrow airport, I was like, WOW, this must be what heaven looks like. But now, after living close to a decade outside, nothing means to me more than my short vacations to INDIA. I don’t look forward to anything more than my yearly vacation, when I get to be with everyone in the family.

One of the comments on my last post raises the question of the ‘role of an NRI in the progress of INDIA’. We have a wider role to play. We send billions of dollars every year to INDIA, which boosts the economy and the per capita income. We have seen NRIs setting up businesses in INDIA, setting up NGOs which take up social causes. I too plan to come back and set my company and provide employment to at least few 10s of people. I feel capitalism is the only way forward and its for the greedy industrialists to revive our nation. They may be greedy but its imperative for them that they utilize the human resources of our country no matter what, and the only way to progress is to utilize our underutilized human resources.

If one observe, the very greedy industrialists and companies that have vegetated since the economic liberalization of the early nineties have lead us to this present optimism about our economy. I remember the cacophony surrounding me when I was in schools, about what’s the real use of studying when there are so many unemployed graduates and post graduates around us. That was eighties and looks like a bygone era. I really see the difference in people’s attitude. Quality Education has become the norm of the present times with much better employment preferences available than it were in eighties or before that. Let me change the topic, politics isn’t the most interesting topic in the blogging world.

I watched several movies. Noted ones include: 10 things I hate about you( poor Heath Ledger), Dev D, A long weekend, American pie( watched again for the nth time), Georgia rule, Little miss sunshine, Mr.Woodcock….to name few.
Dev D was a fantastic movie, by any Bollywood flick standards. It was bold, yet not vulgar and the characters real. The music was great( even the “Emotional atyachaar” one, if one sees the relevance in the film). Abhay Deol has climbed my list of favorite actors, after watching him in movies like oye lucky, Socha na tha, and now Dev D.

This pappu can act saala.( but cant dance).

I have loads to read, having pandered into a shopping spree on my last vacation, but haven’t really been into the frame of mind ever since I have started blogging. Whenever I sit to read , feel I have something to write.
Thanks for reading me and commenting. Blogging is an interactive platform. Without the readership it’s as barren as the deserts of Arabia. And I will never master the right technique to thank my readers.

Ciao all.


Zeba Talkhani said...

Ok. Liked your post. Read it. Agree with you about the comment system. And Idia being India.

I am a great fan of Abhay Deol.

And I have nothing to say about the rest of the things you wrote!!!

Dhanya said...

I love blog hopping too! There are so many blogs out there... you just feel like reading em all don't you ?

Lol.. there was a time when I had disabled my comments... I wasn't comfortable with people commenting on what I felt about life.. but now I have matured :D

and regarding NRIs, they are ALWAYS misunderstood... :(

AnjuGandhi said...

H ZillionBig stop saying that you are new to blogging world. You have become a seasoned blogger. I always enjoy reading your posts
This is very true that if you want others to read what you babble and what are your ideas then you have got to give time to their expressions also.
And people who say that they write only for themselves are just kidding. Don't we all log in hundreds of time just to check how many comments have we got?

AnjuGandhi said...

coming to later portion of your post what ever any one say I suppose every one out there ( outside India) maintains that India is the best despite of over population, corruption, traffic jams, pollution etc. Best part is so many Indians settled outside claim that they want to come back and will come back BUT the big question is when?

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Now that was a good rambling post about heartfelt issues. Agree with your criticism of the elitist comment system of some bloggers. And love Abhay D too.

Rahul Anand said...

You are right about the fact that one has to read many different blogs and post on them. I feel it gives you a pulse of what's happening in people's lives in different countries, cultures etc, apart from bringing you more readers. But selecting a good blog that 'connects' with you, or where the writer's thoughts are on the same wavelength with those of yours can take some time.

And I have to comment on Dev D. Even though the story of Devdas is decades old, I felt that Dev D was the best movies in terms of direction that I saw in recent times. Anurag Kashyap is one of the few original artists in Hindi films today. And I like Abhay Deol for choosing good movies, instead of most other meaningless ones. You should try his movie 'Manorama: Six feet under'. Thats a very good movie too.

Swatantra said...

Amazing!! Your post doesnot reflect that you are a new blogger. It seems from a seasoned blogger.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am exactly doing the same now a days what you have written in your this post. Visiting other blog!!

Good Luck!!

P said...

nicely done!! just the right amount of apology,praise with just a hint of gratitude. you will go places in the blogging world and other exotic places in this world of writing!
consider approaching a local newspaper for a regular column! :)

Anonymous said...

Great Post. I totally agree with you on the comments issue. NRIs really are misunderstood.I haven't seen Dev D or any other movie of Abhay Deol. So can't comment on that. Blog hoping is my favourite passtime too!!!!!!!Hope you have a great day ahead.Take Care....

The Panorama said...

This was a long post so I wanted to read at leisure and then post my comments.
The elitist? Each one to his / her own.

India? Hmm, hey you have the right to criticise your country, we all have the democratic right to do so. It doesn't mean you don't love India.
And Anju is right, NRI's dream of coming back but when?
Me, am not sure I will. I feel too much time has elapsed for me to re-adjust to India. It took me years to adjust will take years to un -adjust what I learnt here.
India is a great country but sometimes I feel, it is the people and the politicians that let her down.

Loved Dev D, too.
Very nice post, Zillion:)

The Panorama said...

Forgot to comment on your remark that capitalism is the answer. Being a socialist I do not agree. One needs free trade but one also needs laws to protect the labour that makes capitalism possible or they will be left at the greed and mercy of the rich lords...we might again see the rise of feudal lords exploiting the helplessness of the poor and needy.
Opps..there I go...:)

sujata said...

Agree totally about the elitist blogger getting no readership and Abhay is much better than his cousins definitely. NRIs go out of India to earn and make a living, at times they settle there and I have known people who cannot stand the water and the lousy(with an American twang)climate of India anymore. Thats not right. Everybody has the right to propsper, but not by crushing your roots.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Zeba: Thanks for reading. Abhey Rocks!!!

@Dhanya: Yes you are right. I wish i had more time, i just love reading blogs. So many and good one. Thanks:))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Anju: Thanks, thats an honour coming from a blogger like you. i too love reading your posts.
You are right about NRIs, their heart is in INDIA.:))

@Sucharita: Thanks.:))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Rahul: Thanks buddy. i will watch that movie for sure. Wondering how i missed it. :)))

@Swatantra:Thanks a ton. there is no place like blogger. It rocks!!I will visit you posts often. i loved reading you :))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@P: Thanks, are you pulling my leg? :))))

@Jyothi: Thanks buddy. You too have a great day. Hope your family is keeping you on your toes. :))))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Panorama: Thanks, i loved your movie review. i shall watch this movie. You are right about the rights of poor workers. We have to adopt a balanced approach. Thanks:))

@Sujata:Thanks, you are absolutely right. I too cannot stand people who behave this way. We have to remember that we are INDIAn and no other place can make us feel like a true citizens like we feel in INDIA. I feel people who have migrated to other countries still battle the alienated feeling. They cant help but feel like a third rate citizens. I totally agree with you on not crushing the roots. Thanks:))

le embrouille blogueur said...

You have a smart style ...about commenting ... I am not very good at that ... blame on the lack of time ...but I do like to follow real blogs like yours ...keep up the good work ...and yes ...if you like my blog let your friends know .. if you don't... do let your friends know ...Happy Father's Day to you ..!!

R. Ramesh said...

WSwatanta has said what i wanted to say: Your post doesnot reflect that you are a new blogger. It seems from a seasoned blogger. wonderful post buddy...cheers

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@LEB and Ramesh: Thanks, you guys are spoiling me.i am overwhelmed. :)))

Priya said...

ohhhh ZB...everything coming and passing the mind while typing, :D i guess...hehhe..loved getting a view of your mindscape while you were writing this post....:D
thankfully i haven't come across such elitist post...
Abhay Deol...too good he is..:D

Keshi said...

I like the way u write, cos quite often u make me THINK, as well as LAUGH :) So yeah, keep writing smart n witty posts Zillion!


Ida said...

Let me start from the last and easiest part first...Never seen Abahy Deol in movies, so no comments...hee-hee,
great, now that I have that off my conscience, on to the other issues...
I totally agree with what you said about the role of NRIs and how helpful greed can be--heh!heh!! GREED- you rock!!!!!!...but seriously, India has been made proud many times by her NRI and Indian Origin kids and nobody can deny that.
Of course, it is another thing that we, the ones left back in India, are VERY JEALOUS of the fact that you actually got a chance to "miss" India, so naturally we make up for it by being nasty:)
And as for your points on blogging, totally agree again(yeah, I am just made that way, the perfect "yesman" oops woman). I don't think we have a right to block people out once we put things out in a public platform(unless they try to start a terrorist organization from the comments platform, or if they give tips on "How to get rich quick", or if they have a "very rich" relative in Nigeria who died and they want our personal info to help them collect money...or...well, you get the drift;))
And finally, great post- love the way you write! And thanks for the patience you show in reading us!!!!

Nona said...

This pappu can act! His repertoire of movies also speaks a lot about his passion for good cinema. In fact, a few years back, Garam Dharam broke down when he was handed Lifetime Achievement awards during one of the FilmFare Awards(ahem) ceremony! Dharmendra lamented about not receiving an award. If Dharmendra really is interested in awards, he should invest on Abhay D.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. Take care and keep visiting.:)))

anamika said...

Indeed a very interesting post.I started reading your post when I saw Abhay deol in it.Waited and waited long but in the end fond about him.Truly adore him in Dev D and Oye lucky lucky oye...

Also like many other Indian I too wish to settle abroad and get awat from all the dirty politics,corruption and insecurity .I guess its time to rethink.