Sunday, 26 July 2009

Neha’s Tag- Creativity test tag !!!!

I was tagged by Neha the other day and its a really nice tag. For once i was all happy-happy doing this.

Though I am Zillionbig(sounds odd to me but Unique and hatke it is), my name starts with 'M'. In fact I am called by several names, especially by my wife. When she wants something out of me, I am a convoluted utterance of a name: manukutta, Unni, Unnikutta,Manu(All are affectionate terms, generally used by mothers to calls their sons) …. etc….but otherwise I am Koranga(Mallu for Monkey though it sounds more like Orangutan), badukoos( Less intelligent person, a dimwit), Kazhuthe( Donkey, ASS, Mule or Hinny...wide choices to chose from)…etc…what ironies of life!!

I loved this tag and was smiling all along. I didn’t use a cell of my grey matter, therefore I was truely happy. I love doing things where I don’t have to really use my brain. I hate using my brain. I am scared that I might one day lose all my hairs and go completely BALD by using my brain.I value aesthetics over brainpowr. I like all activates like, eating, watching HINDI movies, Writing blogs etc, which makes zilch use of my brain….Thats ALSO why i hate going to office. My horny Boss treats it as if its a whore.and how i hate it.......lets cut the crap,here goes my answers..


1. What is your name: Man
2. A four Letter Word: Monk
3. A boy's Name: Manish
4. A girl's Name: Mahima
5. An occupation:Mason
6. A colour: Maroon
7. Something you wear: Mask
8. A food: marmalade
9. Something found in the bathroom: mat
10. A place: Malaysia
11. A reason for being late: Migraine headache.
12. Something you shout: MAD @$$hole.
13. A movie title: Manichitratazhu ( mallu movie, one of my all time fav)
14. Something you drink: Martini Dry –James bond ishtyle
15. A musical group: Metallica
16. An animal: Mongoose
17. A street name: M.G Road
18. A type of car: Maserati
19. Something scary: Mosquitoes
20. Ice cream flavour: Mango

And people I tag are……………………………………………………All new friends whom i haven't tagged before and are great lovers of Tags.

Wandering thoughts

P.S: And Aparna, Jyothi, Sujata, Priya, P, Numero, Rahul, LEB, Abstract, Gay3, Saroj's Panorama......I thought you guys have done millions of tags so far, and would be tired of it...But i would like you guys to try this.:)


numerounity said...

Thank God bach gayi!!! gal hai zillion...nice format shormat...chaa gaye paape!!!

Cool vave! ;)

numerounity said...

Hoorah!! have been seeing this in many I could say!...

Horrah!! Me first to comment! yippe yipe yee yee ye....yo :)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Numero:Hey, This is fun tag, More tags are coming..i am designing one specially for you numero. Watch out. :)))

Anonymous said...


Is this that first thing that comes to your mind stuff? I am liking it. Should I try?

Anonymous said...

Yikes...I just realized...everything should start with J. No way..I am going to start a tag soon....hmmm..I am liking the idea mind is working overtime...he he

The Panorama said...

Fun tag...but am glad I escaped :)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Jyothi: I knew about your mind working overtime....It al;ways does...OK, come up with a new tag. Tags are fun, isnt it?

I will mail you a set of tag questions.Check it and revert. :))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

@Panorama: Why escape? Common..:)

The Panorama said...

Ok , I didn't read properly.. am tagged too Am I supposed to write it all with the first alphabet of my name? Ok, will write it:)

Swatantra said...

M: Mast post hai!!

Aparna said...

Mine will be most boring so I am not doing it.
You should have done it with Z,it would have been 'zingier'.

Keshi said...

LOL @Monkey!

M is a hard letter ha!


le embrouille blogueur said...

Fun tag man ... and I like the part where you talk about the different names you are called by ... let me spend some idle time thinking about if I want to pick up the tag ...hahaha

Nikki said...

Thanks for tagging! Will do it soon. I am gonna tag you too! :P

Gymnast said...

Oh we share a common name there ZB , i get called a "kazhutha" minimum of five times a day.

So i am tagged ! Will do it soon..

kavita said...

Your pic is superbly beautiful....tag is fun to read...a sure stress buster not only for you but for the readers too.

Priya said...

Yeaaaaa....a fun post and I WILL take it up someday...its fun...
(Soliloquy): Tags are fun man!!!

anamika said...

Nice blog template..You are using Amitabh bachhan like Yellow reply band...Kool...

hary!! said...

Hey ZB, M etc...... funny tag this one:), yeah tags are tiresome but finally a fun to read...hope some one tags yu again :)

Neha said...

very well formatted...n answered too :)...and for a change, its nice to see ppl commenting good things about a tag...i mean, most of them are liking it..well well... :)

Dhanya said...

Hey that was fun! Everything starting with an 'M' :D Nice....

Manichithrathazhu rocks! I have seen it SO many times... :D

Kaddu said...

Do all answers have to start with an 'M'??? :-/

Gayathri said...

Hehe.. point no: 12 could have been a moron was really nice..and kazhutha,is used by mom as marakkazhutha..i guess,it's the dumbass?!