Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My health

Few days back one of our neighbors son died in Kerala. He was 36. The cause of death was alarming. Cardiac arrest or in popular terms heart attack. Just few years( 5 years) elder to me or as Arundhati Roy says :

Thrity- six.
Not old.
Not Young.
But a viable die-able age.

No doubt we are slipping into an unhealthy lifestyle. We now have the money to flaunt. We have no time to cook as in my case, being single until my wife returns in Feb next year. I eat oily, fried and unhealthy food and never exercise.

The other day I was checking the Death-clock to find out when I would die. The meter says I would live unto 2069, that is, I would be 91 when I die. I seriously doubt. If things go this way I wouldn’t be alive to see my 50th birthday.

I wonder the state of my arteries. I hope no plagues are forming in them. I hope my blood pressure are normal. I hope my heart is not under tremendous pressure to cope with the needs of the body. I hope my valves are not damaged by the blood pressure.

Frightening isn’t it? No doubt. I have not even lived 1/3rs of my life and I seriously doubt my longevity. I want to live longer. I want to see my daughter grow up and have her family. I want to see the world by living longer. But are there ways that can make me live longer?

Perhaps Exercise and healthy diet is not all. Our attitude, genetics, ,mental health etc play a part in our health but as the case these are not in our hands. I feel our attitude plays a major role. Constantly worrying  about problems could affect negatively.

Its not to induce any sort of paranoia. I feel Its a positive way of looking at a negetive thing.I feel I took health for granted and  some amount of fear could make people like me conscious. Health is serious WEALTH. We can CREATE WEALTH only IF we have HEALTH. EVERYTHING else is SECONDARY……  

Please suggest me some ways to be healthy. All suggestions are welcome.


Aparna said...

Few years ago I went through a very bad phase. i suffered from severe anxiety and depression and that took a huge toll on my health. Since then, I have tried really hard to stay healthy and stay happy for the sake of my children.
Though I do not really pay attention to my diet so much, I work out regularly. I joined yoga one and a half years back and it has brought a tremendous change in my body.Try it ZB, you will not be disappointed. You have to have the mental discipline to do it at least 4 times a week (that should include half hour session of Pranayam). I swear by it, it works wonders. And stay happy, no matter what...that is the best medicine.

ZB said...

Thanks Aparna for sharing this. I too was under severe depression and anxiety disorder. Until perhaps the last year. After losing all hope i decided to let go things their way. Not take people seriously. Never strive for perfection. and take life easy.
We all are unique and special in our own way. We have to learn to love ourselves. EWvery negativity comes with positivity. We have to look at things in a different perspective.
I feel much better now. I seriously need to try yoga.I have started cardio exercises and surprisingly it effects mentaly more than physically. I feel much happier and nicer.

Yoga is next.but as you said Mental discipline is needed. Humm, I can. TC:)

BK Chowla said...

I can tell you about heart care,from my personal experience.
Avoid deep fried meals.
Take at least 45 mnts walk everyday.
Reduce intake of salt
Reduce in take of sugar.
Avoid stress,at work,while driving.
There are a lot of people with a lot of suggestions, but you must check with your GP.

anamika said...

Health is my favourate topic.From being a person whose staple diet was pizza i have become a fitness freak...
I was 65 at that age of 12 and now i am 50 and I feel so good...Being obese made me cautious at an early age and today i know inand out of health...

Few things which can make u loose fat very very easily..
1.Have awla juice or aloe vera which u get easily in Indian market every day in the morning.

2.eat in intervals .Ideally u should eat 6 meals a say but small.now without wife how will you.
Have following thing in your kitchen.
peanuts(you thought its fatty no its of good fats which is better then maynoise or butter )

Poha,chiwda,what ever u call in yur language.

besan ka chilla


always eat brown bread.

All above things do have calories but r good calories it wont ruine yur health.but eat every 2 hour but eat half the quantity of what u want to eat.
As yur stomach will b fill all the time you wint binge.

the most difficult and best rule to be healthy-DONT EVER EAT AFTER 8 OR 8:30 if u wont to be healthy and slim.
with these half an hour of walk is sufficient.

Rahul Anand said...

I started taking my health seriously after I had put on a lot of weight until a few years ago. Here are some steps I took to get back in shape:

1. Cardio workout: A mild 30 min cardio woorkout every day will work better than any of the suggestions mentioned below. Take care that you do not use the treadmill everyday, as this can damage knee muscles. The elliptical machine is far better - you burn more calories and dont stress your muscles too much.
2. Dietary changes: No carbonated drinks, sweets, or junk food.
3. Having an early dinner - dont eat anything at least an hour before going to bed.

Hope this helps. TC

Smita said...

I believe that we take our health for granted and don't realise it's value until severely jolted out by some major incident!

ZB said...

@Chowla Ji:Thanks. I should consult GP, but its just a fear.May be i would very soon. Thanks. :)

@Anamika: Wow, aThat was some tip. Thanks for mentioning Paneer, my favorite since i have turned vegetarian.

Rahul: Thanks dude. I too have heard about elliptical Machines and plan to buy very soon.I feel i have neglected health enough. Time to watchout. :)

@Smita:Very very true. You have summed it up. If we care when young, we will stay young for longer. Thanks :)

The unsure ascetic said...

hey buddy, There is a difference between the word fitness and health. Health is overall well being and you can acheive that with Yoga. i started it recently and I am already seeing the difference. It is a great way to beat stress and lead a content life.

Neha said...

i m late, so people said it all i would have said...

i hope you run your own restaurants till 91 with your grandchildren around you all the time :))

Zeba said...

hmmm. my mum asskes me to munch on carrots and cucumbers for snacks.

dont stock your freezer with ready to fry stuff.

boil pasta for dinner. get some good recipies.. on the net.

make it a point to excersise.. if too boring then take up a sport. wht ever u like... i chose tennis. its fun.

dont sit infront of the laptop too much.. make an effort to make time work excersise.

eat brown bread instead of white.

Dont eat those arab white roti either... too much fattening.

Eat dry rotis.

bake or grill instead of frying.

start eating lesser quantities of food.. and eat more regularly.

dont skip lunch dinner or breakfast. expecially breakfast..

boiled egg, juices...

Ok. Cant think of anyhting else...

Rashmi said...

WOW! i came here to write a few but ended up gaining a lot more info on over all well being.

Thanks for writing this post :)
Hope we all will stay happy and healthy
Cheers :)

Insignia said...

So thoughtful ZB. Aren't we all in the same state? The state of mind reflects in our physical well being too.
Be cheerful and positive always and you will shoo most of the ill effects :-)

HaRy!! said...

well yu stole the words ZB, i keep saying all my friends that we wud never live upto 50, with all the Junk food we eat and seats of cushion! hmm my advice..( i need to follow that as well) , running at least 25 mins a day and eat lesser junk food!..may yu live upto yur death clock's expectation!:D